Cake Tasting Sample Box - 2020/2021

Cake Tasting Sample Box - 2020/2021

2 servings of 6 six cake flavours:


  1. Vanilla Buttercream with Rose
  2. Lemon Lime & Bitters
  3. Orange Fizz with Cointreau Syrup 
  4. White Chocolate Mud Cake with Passionfruit 
  5. Salted Caramel 
  6. Chocolate Berry 


TEL: 0421 442 191

Contact us to arrange a Tasting Box and/or design consultation at our commercial kitchen and design studio in the picturesque Perth foothills.
You will have the opportunity to taste some of our exquisite cake varieties.
Our studio is currently closed for renovation,  we will be reopening Mid July 2020.  In the meantime we are happy to take phone consultations.

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