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By placing an order with “The Cake & I” (ABN 73 493 427 211), you, the Customer, are 

agreeing to be bound by the following terms and conditions.   


Please ensure that you carefully read and understand the obligations that we have to each 

other as these terms and conditions form an agreement between us.  If you have any 

questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.  Thanks – Jo x 



1.Please note that quotes are valid for 30 days only.  Should you accept a quote beyond this 

timeframe, the quote is subject to change/increase.   

2.To secure a quote/date, a $300 booking fee or 30% of order whichever is higher is payable by bank transfer, bpay or credit card details of which are included on the quote.  This booking fee is not for any work done or to be done but rather to secure your event date.    

3.The booking fee is non-refundable. 



4.The balance order fee is payable, in full, twenty one days before your event date by bank 

transfer, Bpay or Credit Card, details of which are included on the quote.   

5.Failure to pay the balance order fee will mean that “The Cake & I” is not obligated to 

bake/start your order.   

6.It is your obligation to ensure that the balance order fee is paid.   

7.Should “The Cake & I” be unable to reach you due to non-payment of the balance order 

fee, your order will be cancelled.   



8.Any cancellation of your order for any reason including but not limited to illness, forces 

(either natural or human), natural disasters or phenomenon, unforeseen or 

uncontrollable events must be received in writing and received a minimum of 90 days 

prior to the booked date.   

9.In the event that an order is cancelled with the correct time frame, you confirm that: 

a.the booking fee is non-refundable; and 

b.refund of the balance order fee is at the complete discretion of “The Cake & I” 

and if issued, will be done minus any/all items that have already been purchased 

to complete the order.  This can include but is not limited to:  edible components, 

ingredients or any other decorative items that were required to be 


10.Should your event be cancelled within 90 days of your booked date, you confirm that the 

total order fee is non-refundable.   

11.Should your event date need to be changed or postponed for any reason including but 

not limited to illness, forces (either natural or human), natural disasters or phenomenon, 

unforeseen of uncontrollable events, “The Cake & I” agrees to transfer your order to the 

new date subject to “The Cake & I” being available to do so.   

12.If a new date is confirmed by “The Cake & I” for reason of date change or 

postponement, any funds already paid towards the total order fee will be transferred to 

the new date.  A $150 postponement fee is applicable to each and every date change or postponement..  You may also be liable to incur the cost of price increases reflective of the new date.

13.If a new date is not available due to “The Cake & I” being unavailable, “The Cake & I” 

reserves the right to refuse to reschedule and you understand that full payment of the 

order fee is still due.   



14.Refund of any amount of the order fee is at the complete discretion of “The Cake & I”.   

15.No refund will be offered for “change of mind” prior to the order being 


16.Refunds will only be paid in instances where a significant outcome has occurred or there 

has been serious dissatisfaction with the final product.   

17.In order to request a refund, photographic evidence and a sample of the completed 

order will need to be returned to “The Cake & I” within 24 hours of the event date.  “The 

Cake & I” will then consider the request and takes steps to negotiate a resolution of the 




18.“The Cake & I” will make every effort to create a product that follows and meets your 

inspiration/design brief.   

19.However, you accept that being a handmade product, there may be circumstances in 

which “The Cake & I” may need to alter the design to adhere to the desired brief.  This 

may be due to circumstances outside of the control of “The Cake & I” including but not 

limited to high humidity, availability of decorative items etc.   

20.Any major changes will be discussed with you and will not be actioned until your 

approval has been given.   

21.Excessive alterations to your order, regardless of when the request for alteration comes 

in prior to your event date, will incur a $100 alteration fee to be paid to “The Cake & I” 

by bank transfer prior to deliver of the order.    



22.The quote provided by “The Cake & I” will make it clear whether delivery is included in 

the total order fee.   

23.“The Cake & I” takes every precaution that it can to ensure that your order is delivered 

at the requested time, to the requested venue and in impeccable condition.   

24.Once “The Cake & I” has delivered your order to the venue nominated by you, “The Cake 

& I” will set it up in the agreed location unless display conditions (direct sunlight, insects, 

weather) require it to be stored in an area nominated by venue staff/event coordinator.   

25.“The Cake & I” will not be held liable for any damage to your order that may occur once 

delivery has been completed and any liability will be borne by the venue/yourselves 

depending on your event location.   



26.If you choose to collect your order from “The Cake & I”, we will no longer be responsible 

for your order once you collect it.   

27.You, or the person you nominate to collect your order, will be liable for any damage 

caused by the travel or storage of your order.   

28.“The Cake & I” will give you as much advice and guidance as possible when you collect 

your order to ensure that you can safely transport it but these helpful points should be 

adhered to: 

a.never place an order on a car seat.  Always ensure it is on a flat surface such as 

the foot well of your vehicle; 

b.always place a towel or similar under the order box, this helps to stop it from 

moving around; wary of transporting your order on hot days; ensure you have the air 

condition on and set to as cold as you can and neve leave the order sitting in 

vehicle for any extended amount of time.   



29.“The Cake & I” always creates orders of the highest quality and any orders are best 

eaten the day of the event.   

30.“The Cake & I” will always provide you with advice as to the most appropriate storage 

for your order and when to bring it out prior to your event start time; eg: 

a.all buttercream decorated cakes and cupcakes can be stored at room 

temperature in a cool, dark location; 

b.basic buttercream cakes can be stored in the fridge but should be allowed to 

come back to room temperature at least 1 hour before eating.   

31.“The Cake & I” suggests that all orders be eaten the day of the event unless otherwise 

indicated by “The Cake & I”.   



32.If your order requires fresh flowers, “The Cake & I” can supply these or your florist can 

supply these.   

33.Any additional decorations can be ordered by “The Cake & I” including but limited to 

cake toppers, display stand but will be an additional cost to you and will be included on 

the quote.   



34.Unfortunately “The Cake & I” does not have a 100% allergy free kitchen.  We ask that 

you advise us on requesting an order to see what allergies can be catered for.   

35.The products created by “The Cake & I” contact all allergens including dairy, wheat,  

soy, gluten, eggs and more.   

36.You agree to notify your guests, venue and any other suppliers of this risk.   

37.“The Cake & I” is not held responsible for any allergic reactions as all potential allergen 

risks are discussed with you at the time of an order request.   




38.“The Cake & I” reserve the right to take photos of your order and use these images in 

their social media, website and print advertising.  If any professional photos are provided 

to “The Cake & I” or your order, we will seek your permission to use these.   

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