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Celebrate your wedding day and capture your signature style and palette with an exclusive handcrafted cake. The Cake and I is Perth’s wedding cake culinary artisan. Each baked masterpiece is a hallmark of our devotion to ensure your wedding day is celebrated in good style and taste. We source only the freshest and finest ingredients and combine them with a natural flair for cake design creativity. Each slice is rich in flavour and aesthetics. We'll help you conceptualise a design that has continuity with the rest of your wedding day style. Our cake decorating imagination and ability is unmatched. From a classic look to rustic decadence, we will deliver spectacular results.




TEL: 0421 442 191

Contact us to arrange a complimentary design consultation at our commercial kitchen and design studio in the picturesque Perth foothills.
You will have the opportunity to taste some of our exquisite cake varieties.

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